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Directions to Hawaii


Hawaii is the most isolated large land mass in the world. And due to that distance, home to great numbers of flora and fauna found no where else. It was first inhabitated by the Hawaiians who some 1,200 years ago regularly voyaged 3,000 miles in open hulled catamaran canoes. Today, most visitors come by jet airplane from all over the world. From the US we recommend Hawaiian airlines but many major carriers make daily stops in Honolulu on the main island of Oahu. Some even fly directly to Kauai.

Directions to this property


- Get onto Lanui Circle and follow it as it becomes Keolani Place.
- Take a left onto Aalele Street, and another immediate left onto Airport Road.
- Airport Road will turn into Kuihelani Highway, follow it as the road turns but make a first left onto South Puunene Avenue.
- Follow the road as South Puunene Avenue becomes Maui Veterans Highway and then changes again into Piilani .Highway.
- After about 14 miles, take a right onto Wailea Ike Drive.
- Make the second right onto Wailea Ike Place, and then follow the first left into the complex loop.