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Directions to this property

TAXI: Outside of the airport, and in the hallway after customs, you will likely receive a plethora of offers to get you where you need to go. A taxi ride to Puerto, right to our doorstep, will run you about $800 pesos (about $40 U.S.).

Taxi fares are fixed and only approved companies are allowed. It is important to note that, as of this writing, if you buy round-trip taxi fare, the return trip is 40% off.

These are modern, air-conditioned, eight-passenger taxis. So if you are renting one of our three bedroom suites and are a group of 6+ persons, this is the obvious best choice

BUS: If you're traveling alone or with one other person, and want to save some money, an inexpensive way to get here is to ride the ADO bus (pronounced ah-day-oh).

In Terminal 2, you will find a ticket booth for ADO in the hallway immediately after passing through customs. If you fly into Terminal 3, you will be able to buy a ticket for the bus at a stand outside the terminal where the buses stop--there will be lots of people to answer your questions and give directions to the bus stop.

ADO buses are state-of-the-art, air-conditioned European motor coaches. A bus ticket to Puerto is around 100 pesos.

The bus stops on 307 in the colonia, Zetina Gasca, by the gas station, and from there you will need a taxi to get to Caribbean Suites. From where the bus stops, the bus station and taxi stop are just on the other side of 307

Note: you are not crossing a freeway--you are walking under a viaduct on safe, speed bump-regulated crosswalks. 307 traffic is on the viaduct.

Here are the lengthy directions for getting from the Cancun Airport to Puerto Morelos:

TRANSFERS: Another good way to get here is with a transfer company. These people need to be booked ahead of time. Two such companies commonly used are American Transfers and Canada Transfers. Happy travels!

RENTAL CAR: Take Highway 307 south. Did you get all that? So if you're renting a car, that's it. Puerto is just a 15 mile drive down 307, a modern, four-lane, divided highway. Print our driving direction map and give it a shot.