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The reason why we started the company


We stumbled into this industry and are grateful we did. In 1999 our family purchased a vacation rental home that went so well we bought more. Then neighbors started asking for help with rentals. From there we expanded into other markets and other kinds of lodging. Today the Vortex Organization manages Inns, Resorts, Vacation Rentals and meeting venues. It has been a surprising and enthralling experience.

First, the customers love what we sell - private vacations in wonderful locations. A life's experienced for many of them. For managers we treat their homes as if they were our own. So everyone gets pampered and they pay us for the honor of doing so.

As we grow we need legions of right-thinking, fast-moving & good-spirited people. To operate network locations, oversee properties and serve guests and managers alike. And to create desirable jobs we've setup unlimited incentive compensation arrangements.

Top folks make top dollar. In return they work hard and play hard. Plus we are a stable company. Well financed and growing. Just the place for people who want to get ahead. If that is you, please complete and application or give me a call with your questions. We're looking for you if you're looking for a solid career. – William, Seattle, WA, phone: 206-701-9138