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Loved it!

We will definitely be looking to rent this unit again and again! Read moreM

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really close to the beach!!

I’d for sure go back. Read moreJocelyn

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We really appreciated such a clean and cozy place to stay!

It was so nice to have access to the downtown area and the beach Read moreMaizy

We had a lovely stay at the Stardust Dunes Condo

Modest yet functional and cute Read moreEmily

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The location was incredible!

I can’t be more grateful for finding this place last minute, and within my budget for that. Read moreAlison

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Andrea, Portland, OR

Excellent stay right next to the beach

The condo was great and in a great location. Read moreJim

Perfect for our family. This is our second year reserving same haus.

Perfect for our family. This is our second year reserving same haus. Read moreAnonymous

The place was amazing!

The place was amazing! Read moreAnonymous

We really enjoyed it!

We really enjoyed it! Read moreBryan

Cabin is cozy and comfortable

Cabin is cozy and comfortable

Great little apartment near beach

It had everything one would need for a stay. Would stay here again. Read moreMaren

Can't wait to stay there again

The house was spotlessly clean and extremely well equipped. Read moreDana, Seattle, WA

Nice and private lot.

Charming cabin with central fireplace and awesome collection of VHS tapes. Read moreKaleigh, Sammamish, WA

Sand Dollar Penthouse an Amazing Place

The penthouse itself, I stayed there before. And it is an amazing place that has great views. It was very meticulously clean. And I had no problems at all. Read moreKelton K., Ellensburg, WA

The Relax Lodge was nice.

The Relax Lodge was nice. Read moreSheri

Excellent Cabin and location. Very peaceful.

Excellent Cabin and location. Very peaceful. Read moreMark, Olalla, WA

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