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Wonderful place

We had a wonderful stay in your nice home Read moreAnonymous

Awesome tranquil little spot in a sweet little town.


Leavenworth experience

Beautiful location, very relaxing and inviting cabin Read moreMelinda

Very nice condo!

Well stocked, very clean, comfortable, quiet & convenient to everythin Read moreLinda

Amazing view.

The house was super clean Read moreMariana

Great location

Comfortable stay and enjoyed the outdoor deck Read moreMolly

A nice quiet weekend

Enjoyed place around Leavenworth Read moreRosie

Came as advertised.

Short drive to Snow Lakes trailhead, and to town. Read moreLauge

Great cabin and location.


Rating only


Loved the stay

The property was pet friendly, clean, and within walking distanc Read moreMatthew

Peaceful space and location.

The loft space worked really well Read moreMegan

A great stay

Definitely exceeded my expectations Read moreJack

We had a fantastic time

The house was immaculate! Read moreHeather

Great location

The house itself is spacious and clean Read moreHieu

Wonderful view, clean, cozy and well equipped.

Wonderful view, everything clean. Read moreJosely

A good spot

We enjoyed our stay. Read moreHaley

Clean and comfortable

The location is amazing Read moreSangeetha

Beautiful location

Right on the river and so relaxing Read moreJeannie

Very good


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