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Caribe suites was a beautiful building and host

First impressions are always the most important, and the impression our party got when we pulled up to the caribe suites was a beautiful building and hosts (especially Abraham) that took pride in the hospitality that they give their guest.

We were treated with kindness and respect that that can always make someone feel like they are at home, even if their 1000’s of miles away from there comfort zone. Throughout our stay if there was anything we needed like an extra blanket on a chilly night, or a great deal on a excursion to an awesome natural water park called Xel Ha where you can spend the whole day in some wonderful water (there is so much to do I’m not even going to try to list it, you just have to see for yourself), or go see some magnificent Mayan ruins (I personally recommend Coba and climb the temple of Ixmoja, if you can handle the 120 steep steps to get to the top, but if you can ‘t it’s a great view).

Abraham was there to help us find our way. Some of our people went on a fun fishing trip with Abraham where he keep the conversation going and was very informative about knowledge of the sea.and led them to some great fishing spots were the fish were flying into the boat, they almost caught the first sail fish of the year in Puerto Morales.

The town of Puerto Morales is a terrific town that’s very friendly and laid back were you can hear live music throughout the night in many of the bars and restaurants, and eat some delicious seafood at great prices. The town gives you more of a local and slower pace experience than Cancun or Playa. To sum up our holiday, we were very happy with our stay. – Kim, Duluth, MN

Manager's Response

Thank you for giving such an overwhelming review to our property, please come back again - Abraham