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Majority of vacationers would rather have no air conditioning than no internet

(News Item #0416, Published: 08/12/19, Author: , Not Applicable)

Americans would rather endure such vacation travesties as lost luggage or food poisoning, rather than go without internet while on vacation.

Almost half of respondents (49%) said that no internet access would qualify as a vacation disaster ? just think, no streaming TV, music or movies.

Lost luggage (54%), food poisoning (47%), consistent bad weather (47%) and a lost credit card (44%) also all constituted a vacay gone-wrong.

The survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Roku, found that internet was a vacation rental must-have for nearly three in four people, above even air conditioning (61%) and laundry (53%).

When respondents were given the choice between having Netflix or caffeine on a trip, two in five Americans said binge-watching takes the top spot over their morning cup of joe.

Access to the television is clearly important for people, especially the little ones. On average, kids will ask if they can watch TV within 31 minutes of arriving to a new location.

Four in 10 parents admitted that their kids wouldn’t even make it past the 15-minute mark before asking mom or dad to turn on the television.

But adults are just as impatient on vacation as kids, especially when it comes to that all-important internet access.

Connectivity is very important to adults while on vacation. It will take an average of 27 minutes before someone asks for the Wi-Fi password, with 42% starting asking around within the first 15 minutes of arrival.

The trouble doesn’t stop there for who chose to connect and stream entertainment while on holiday. Forty-eight percent of respondents admitted to forgetting to log out of a streaming service while staying at a vacation rental.

While there were many things that could make a trip go awry, it’s the heart-warming little things that made respondents’ list of vacation’s simple pleasures.

Fifty-six percent love nothing more than a nice dinner out while other favorite activities included exploring the town (55%) and bonding over a TV or a movie with friends or family (46%).

Even on a trip, respondents made it a point to keep up to date with their favorite shows.

"America’s Got Talent" "American Ninja Warrior," "The Bachelorette," baseball, "Big Brother," "Big Little Lies and Hollywood Game Night all ranked high on the list summer TV favorites.

"Vacation is meant for kicking back, relaxing and having some fun. We know that for many people, streaming their favorite TV shows and movies is the ultimate way to unwind while they’re away" said Roku’s streaming entertainment expert, Abby Reyes. "Whether traveling solo or with family and friends, staying in a rental home or hotel, there are plenty of ways to keep up with the must-watch summer TV shows or enjoy classic summer movies with loved ones"

When it comes to family time, parents can’t wait to share beloved summer films like "Camp Rock" "Aquamarine" "Caddyshack," "Camp Nowhere" and "Summer School." As kids get older, parents can share classics from the pop culture lexicon and their own coming-of-age summers.

"Aquamarine" and "Summer School" aren’t just for the little ones, seeing as they also made it on to the overall list of the best summer movies.

Results found that other favorites included in the top 10 were “A Goofy Movie," "Adventureland" and "Baywatch," along with "American Graffiti," "Almost Famous," "Blue Crush and National Lampoon’s Vacation."

Reyes added, "For those who have a short term rental or people visiting regularly, we recently launched a great feature for Roku players called ‘Guest Mode,’ which solves the problem of guests forgetting to log out of a streaming service. When turned on, Guest Mode allows guests to sign in to subscription channels using their own account credentials. Guests choose their departure date and those credentials will be automatically removed from the device on the date they’ve selected. This way, no one has to worry about forgetting to log out!"