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Sunspot Houdini Websites Are Like Magic

By William May
Published: 01/10/09 Topics: Comments: 0

Our current website design is about a year old. Built by our great programming staff of Salman and Ozair with photograph help from Jonathan and Joseph. Oh and I do a little of the text.

Guests compliment us all the time because the site is chock full of information about our destinations as well as offering deep information on every property we rent.

But we wanted more. So the staff have invented some new code that allows us to create a custom website for a great many of the individual properties we manage. This nifty system was code named "Houdini" because, well it kind of works like magic.

By drawing all its data including images, videos and floor plans from our giant database repository we know that all the data on every site is exactly the same as on our primary website. (sunspotresorts.com)sunspotresorts.com.

Houdini's make it easy for owners and return guests to go directly to everything they want to know about one home without wading through the others. Currently we have one main format with variable colors (the programmers call them skins) but we will be developing 10 templates each with 10 skins giving us 100 different formats to spread among the properties.

Programming is important of course but let's not overlook the careful and concise photographer that our staff does. Really no other vacation rental management can match it.

Here is a list of Houdini website to west your whistle:


If you would like to stay in one of these babies, call our friend vacation guides at 888-628-8989.

And if you would like your home to be marketed with this kind of quality and attention to detail give me a call personally at extension 902.

Author: William May – Manager, Sunspot Vacation Rentals
Blog #: 0094 – 01/10/09

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