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Great location. Great house. Beautiful view

Great location ... Great house ... Beautiful view Read moreJulie, Tacoma, WA

Wonderful place

Wonderful place! Spacious with a wonderful view of the sound. Read moreGrant, Seattle, WA

House was amazing. Spotless, great view

Brought my family here for a week long summer vacation. Read moreChris, Bellflower, CA

This house is has a beautiful view

This house is has a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. Read moreBrian, Fed Way, WA

Beautiful views and very well maintained

Beautiful views and very well maintained! Read moreEric, Charlotte, NC

This house was absolutely beautiful

This house was absolutely beautiful, the views never got old. Read moreNicole

Charming Beach Cottages

The beach is within about a pleasant 5 min walking distance. Our overall experience here was good. Read moreMario, Las Vegas, NV

Great visit!

We had a great visit ! Read moreCody, Any city, MA

Cozy cottage near beach

The cottages were near the ocean and accessible to my spouse with limited mobility. Read moreSharon, Connell, WA


Even in bad weather, fun was had by all. Read moreCheryl, Moses Lake

It was a beautiful home 500 yards from the ocean

Read moreJanice, Vancouver, WA

The home is spotless, with a beautiful yard

This is an amazing, quiet retreat off the main roads in Westport. Read moreCarol, Walla Walla, WA

A lovely well appointed retreat with many nice amenities.

A lovely well appointed retreat with many nice amenities. Read moreHeather, Seattle, WA

The house is as beautiful and clean as advertised

This place was perfect! The view of and proximity to the Pacific is incredible, sunset was a nightly event we planned around. Read moreStephanie

Super cute and clean space

Super cute and clean space! We went for a girl's weekend and had a blast. Read moreAllison, Puyallup, WA

Great location

Great location, no hassle booking, and great price. Read moreDavid, Seattle, WA

Wonderful location, great house

Wonderful location, great house. Read morePeggy, South Colby, WA

The house was clean & roomy, loved the fireplace & sunroom

The house was clean & roomy, loved the fireplace & sunroom. Read moreJennifer, Lacey, WA

Awesome location and great house

Awesome location and great house. Read moreAnn, Seattle, WA

Cool modern home with great furnishings

Cool modern home, with great furnishings! Super close to the beach, but the private beach access is really tricky. Read moreJennifer, Edmonds, WA

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