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Had a great weekend

Thank you fo letting us use your place. We had a great bachelor weekend getaway.
Tyler, Drew, Jared, Joe, Rudy, Gordo – Tyler, Drew, Jared, etc

We were very impressed with your cottage.

Thank you for having us at your cottage. We were very impressed with the cleaniness and character of the house. Read moreAngela & Matt

This place is awesome

Misti, This place is awesome. It is my plan to never stay in a motel here in Westport again. I will most defintely recommend this place to my friends. Read moreAndrew

We had a blast!!

What a great home. We had a blast!! All of us enjoyed kicking back. Bike rides, beach walks & fresh seafood. All awesome! Read moreScott & friends

We all had a great time

We all had a great time here in your cozy cottage (despite the bad weather). Our pets loved the fenced-in yard and our son loved all the room to play in. Read moreFreeman's

Love the decorating

Thank you for sharing your comfortable vacation home with us. Love the overstocked kitchen - most places don't provide such a complete dish array. Read moreJaks / Lindberg Group

Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in your wonderful cottage! We had everything to make our dinner here very special! I love your decorating sense, it's very pretty Read moreJoleen & Cathee

Just wanted to say thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for renting us your beautiful home. Loved the nice yard and all the nice ammenties. The bed was very comfy, Read moreAva & Steve

It was perfect and the TIVO was a great touch

We had a great time in your beautiful house! It was perfect and the TIVO was a great touch! I would say the number bed was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in! Thanks again! Read moreLela & Tyler

We will certainly return again!

This is a beautiful cottage and we had a great time. Thank you very much! We will certainly return again! Read moreMichelle & Charlie

Thanks for letting use your cute cottage!

Thanks so much for letting us (Lisa, Shelby, Kylee & Reanna) use your cute cottage! We had the best time and will be back someday and will request this home again! – Lisa

It was perfect for our relaxing weekend getaway!

We loved staying at your cottage - it is beautiful! It was perfect for our relaxing weekend getaway! It's a great location & we had a blast at the beach. Read moreZach & Stephanie

Your cottage provided a great staging point

It was a pleasure to stay in your cozy cottage while we were waiting for a home in coast guard housing to become available. Your cottage provided a great staging ground Read morena

Delightful stay

What a delightful stay we had with our family. It will be the first of many stays. – Ed & Myra

More than pleasantly surprised

Our family of 5 was here this weekend from Sumner, WA and we come to the coast on a regular basis for fun outdoor activities such as razor clam digging, beachcombing, saltwater fishing and shell fishing, camping and sometimes just for a little R&R. Read moreBrad & Sabrina

You have truly thought of everything one might need

On our visit to Greenwater, we couldn't resist indulging in a scoop of the local flavor of choice - huckleberry ice cream. You have truly thought of everything one might need Read moreBrook

Team Building

Tara, Bill, & Kellie were here on a "management retreat" to unify our team and figure out how to keep our non-profit going. We didn't solve everything, but made progress in a nice setting. Read moreTara, Bill & Kellie

Great family trip from Oregon

Our family is here for a week at the end of a summer-long sabbatical. We had the enjoyment of not only finding a great vacation home, but being cool for the first time in 3 weeks! Read morena

Fishing was great on such a fabulous day

Wow! What a nice visit! Thanks for renting us your beautiful home. We had a great visit. The weather was spectacular. We had a fabulous time fishing. Read moreValerie

This was a beautiful visit

This s a beautiful visit. It was a pleasure being able to stay here. The chicken alfredo at the Half-Man Bar & Grill was delicious! – Alex

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