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Photographer CDA, Sandpoint, Priest Lake, N. Idaho

We need exterior photos of many businesses in the Coeur d'Alene and North Idaho area from a qualified and creative photographer. You do not need a studio or long resume, so long as you do good work.

These are "establishing" shots such as a photo of their exterior sign, or door if it has a sign on it, or their street or building. To be used on a website. Also OK to have a few interiors but exteriors are easier because there is no need to do lighting.

Photos must be shot with a great digital camera, all landscape and enter composition of the photo must be landscape using most of the entire frame (that is because we do not crop them).

Photos must be at least 5,000 pixels on the long side. No editing is necessary, just send them to us by email or DropBox. To ensure photos are adequate its good to send us 2 to 4 of each business.

Need to be shot on a bright sunshiny day, even in winter. Or a great snow scene. (We need to take this now during winter, and will probably have you re-shoot some in summer.)

We estimate there will be 100 businesses to shoot. There is plenty of work but you will mostly likely just walk or drive between businesses, take the photo and move on to the next place. Probably just a one or two day shoot. (Bu you are welcome to spread the job over several days if that fits your schedule better)

Please respond by email providing your name, experience and link to your portfolio (Or include sampe photos with your email. We also need your email address, photos and mailing address.

So to start - please indicate the price you would pay for this assignment, or the best daily rate you can offer us. We want to order this soon.


The first assignment is to shoot businesses in the Coeur d'alene area. If successful we will have assignment to do the same kind of job in:

Priest lake

Call: 206-641-7373 Email: Offer ends: 04/23/18 or sooner. All discounts are first come, first serve. For more detail: Mention Ad #0350